SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

The Democracy at a Crossroads: Our Nation’s Future Needs Innovative Civic Learning Now! National Summit will raise awareness about civic learning issues and showcase promising solutions to make the case that resources are needed to expand proven practices. At the summit, we will release a white paper authored by Dr. Peter Levine and CIRCLE at Tufts University about the state of civic education including new data about state level interventions that are revolutionizing the field. Recently, civic learning has made great strides by implementing innovative policy and legislative support for civic education that have boosted student achievement. We will share these stories of success and urge others to follow suit.




Sonia Sotomayor

Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States

Judy Woodruff

Co-Anchor & Managing Editor, PBS NewsHour

John B. King Jr.

President/CEO The Education Trust

Complete list of speakers


The Honorable
Jimmy Carter,
Former President of the United States
National Ambassador
The Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor (Ret.),
Associate Justice,
U.S. Supreme Court
National Ambassador
Shane Battier
State Ambassador for Michigan
John Bridgeland
State Ambassador for Virginia
Jean Case
State Ambassador for Virginia
Stephen Colbert
State Ambassador for South Carolina
America Ferrera
State Ambassador for California
Whoopi Goldberg
State Ambassador for New York
Alyssa Milano
State Ambassador for California
State Ambassador for Georgia
The Honorable George Nethercutt
State Ambassador for Washington
The Honorable David Skaggs
State Ambassador for Colorado
Mayor Martin J. Walsh
State Ambassador for Massachusetts


8 AM
Registration and Breakfast
9 AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 AM
Section 1: Panel Discussion
State of Our Democracy: What’s at Stake
10:10 AM
Section 2: Concurrent Sessions
Policy Innovation: Getting Results from Renewing a Commitment to Civic
How Civic Learning Got its Groove Back: Demand, Proof and Innovation in today’s classrooms
11:00 AM
Section 3: Panel Discussion
Civic Learning Across the Divide
12:10 PM
Luncheon and Keynote Remarks
Teaching the Rules of the Game: Why Invest in Civic Education
Spotlight: Next Generation Democracy
Making the Case for Civic Education: Why We Must Act Now
2:00 PM
Section 4: Concurrent Sessions
Digital Engagement: Gaming, news and young people – Strategies for scale Laying the Groundwork for Equity in Our Democracy
3:00 PM
Announcements and Award Ceremony CivX Commitments to Action & National Civic Learning Award for Exceptional Service
3:40 PM
Section 5: A Conversation with Justice Sonia Sotomayor
4:30 PM


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